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The 3 Most Important Questions That Will Change Your Life!

Happy Wednesday and Happy August! Whoa where did the summer go? As some of you may know along with Rise Up For You I also get the pleasure of working with women on building their confidence. I learn just as much from them as they do from me. My last call really inspired me as we discussed success and the values behind it. Many of us today are determining our worth and success by other peoples success and social media post. I'm sure you have those friends that post, "Today I made $15,000 in one day, how much did you make?" and "I'm flying to Thailand for three weeks vacation, what are you doing to have fun?" You know exactly what I'm talking about right? The problem is that many people, we are all completely guilty, start to compare themselves and determine their success and their worth based off of what their friends are achieving and what they see posted social media. Not only is this not a fair comparison, as you have no idea what they did, how they got there, or how long they've been working, but it's also completely unhealthy for your success and your values in building it. It deters us from the most important questions when building our own life. While all of the cars, money, clothes, and fun traveling experiences can be great, is this what determines your worth? Is your success a measure of the materialistic items you accumulate and the dollars in your bank account? The most important thing to remember when building your best life is to never compromise your values! So that's the big question, "What are your values behind success? There are 3 simple questions that will help you re-gain clarity and get out of the comparative mindset.

  1. WHAT: What is it that you want to do? Really? At the end of the day everyone only has a limited amount of time on this planet. This is true for all of us. So what do you want, at the core of your stomach what makes you tick, passionate, and excited!

  2. WHY: Why do you want to do it? This is a tricky question because many people have a why that is not connected to their values. For example: "I want to build my own company because I want to be a millionaire"....Ok well, what does being a millionaire do for you? Why is that something you want? Is it for you, to show others? What's the real reason for your why?

  3. HOW: Lastly, how are you going to do it? But not only how are you going to do it, how are you not going to do it is just as important! Having a set of non-negotiables is needed in building your success while keeping true to your values.

Social media and other peoples success is in no way a negative thing however, trolling through post and feeling down because you're not seeing the results can set you back and distort YOUR LIFE AND YOUR VALUES. You were meant to do great things! Everyone has the ability to build whatever they want and to become whatever they want. Really ask yourself, "What does success mean to me and what are my values behind it!"

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