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Just Say Thank You!

Happy Work It Wednesday! How is your summer going so far? I've been able to spend the last few weeks here in the breathtaking Mid-West. Hopefully you have been able to enjoy a bit of travel time as well. Similar to you and other women, I love to give compliments to others and point out their awesomeness. Throughout my trip in the Mid-West I noticed more than ever the differences between men and women and how they respond to a compliment. So many women in the past few weeks have deflected from compliments. Why is it that we have a hard time just saying thank you! Instead I get:
  • A negative response such as "Oh no I look awful today" or "Really? I don't think so."

  • A compliment in return completely ignoring that I complimented them first!

  • Awkward body posture or movements such as crossing arms, looking at the floor, insecure mumbling, etc.

Do any of the above sound familiar to you? Do you happen to do any of the above? Think about when other people compliment you, what is your natural response? As women we love uplifting others but have a difficult time allowing the same for ourselves. Instead of a rebuttal back with why you don't think you deserve the compliment, just simply say Thank You! It's ok to say Thank You! Saying thank you does three things for you!

  1. It shows others that you believe in yourselfand are able to recognize the beautiful parts of you.

  2. A confidence shines through making you more attractive overall.

  3. People feel good in return instead of feeling bad and hurt that you shut down their compliments. This enables them to give you more because you are receiving it instead of rejecting it.

Try to stay away from giving unsolicited negative thoughts about how you feel about yourself when a compliment is given. There is no need to tell the giver why you shouldn't receive their kind words. Instead just say THANK YOU!

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