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How Can I Help You?

This summer is a summer of self-development and change for me. I decided to take a leap and try new things and really break barriers in all areas! One thing I started implementing a few weeks ago was a more comprehensive morning routine. I heard a speaker once say that knowledge is the best gift you can give yourself. He recommended feeding your mind in three ways: read something, listen to something, and watch something that is going to help you grow and empower you. I have been doing this every day and let me tell you, I love it!!! The other day I came across a video from Simon Sinek that changed my life! It is what inspired me to write my newsletter today. In one interview Simon said something along the lines of "I can't stand the self-help world because they hardly talk about how to help others." This statement hit me pretty hard because I agree to some extent but didn't realize it until I heard it. The reason why Rise Up For You was created was to help women and to spread the understanding that helping yourself and finding happiness inside goes hand in hand with helping your brethren. So although what Simon said had some truth to it it, I do believe that many of us want to be better so that we can give back, love more, and have deeper connections that impact others positively. All of the growth and self-reflection I partake in always benefits not only myself but on a larger scale others. I wanted to share a few things you can do on a consistent level to give back to others that cost little to no money! 3 Tips on Giving Back to Others:

  1. Donate your time by helping others with your skill. Think beyond a soup kitchen or just donating time, although that is still great, how can you contribute on a higher level? If you are an event coordinator, help a non-profit organization build their fundraiser for the year, if you are in marketing pick a company you believe in and share with them some ideas that can help them grow. Find ways to contribute and give back with the talents you use every day!

  2. Mentor someone who is going through a rough patch. We all need mentorship in some way or another but often times when we do the mentoring we choose people that are already self-disciplined and hungry to learn. What would it look like if you mentored someone who was less motivated, someone that really does need positive reinforcement and a kind, loving person around to be that voice of reason? It may be more challenging for us but the impact will be invaluable in the long run. You may not see it right away but your light and mentorship could be what helped them through the day.

  3. Hand write a letter of gratitude to someone. In today's society it is so easy for us to send a text, write an email, or use social media to show gratitude. However, there is nothing better than a handwritten letter mailed through the post system to someone. This shows that you took that extra step with your time and commitment to show gratitude. Someone's time can never be given back so that one simple gesture of writing a personal note and sending it says a lot and heightens the message.

You see the above aren't hard to do and can be given to anyone! So what do you say? Let's commit to at least one of the above for the remainder of the summer. I am a huge believer in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. Think globally, act locally I suppose. I believe that the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others. Steve Nash

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