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Dear Me, I Love You

There’s so much heartbreak happening in the world right now as I’m sure you have seen on social and main stream media. It makes one wonder why and how? How do we begin to implement change in our world?

The truth is it starts within you! It starts with loving yourself so that you can properly love others. You and I both know that this world is circular and what we create and build today in fact will come back around in the future. People aren’t born with hate in their hearts or malice for others. This is something that is taught by others, others who have failed to love themselves because they didn’t know how.

For some reason many of us our scared to love ourselves. It’s almost as if we are ashamed or feel selfish to say, “I love me.” However, as Buddha said, “If you truly loved yourself, you can never hurt another.” This is a serious problem that many of us are neglecting. When people act out and bully or harm others, it comes from a place of hurt, a hurt that self love can cure.

If we want to create change, safety, and harmony in life, we to need start internally. Start by becoming your own best friend and learn to take care of your mind, health, and heart. When we feel great about ourselves and truly love us, we are than and only than able to love others. We can pay it forward!

This is how we collectively create change.

  • Love yourself

  • Spread the love to others

  • Teach unlimited kindness in between

Walk with love, react with kindness, judge no one; these small acts will and can change our world! Nada Lena


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