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No Day But Today!

It feels like just yesterday I was running around with my siblings and parents at the park. Enjoying a nice barbecue, playing soccer with friends and family, and laughing non-stop at the smallest things. We often think that those moments together will last a lifetime. For many of us we are so busy with work and life in general that we miss out on all of the beautiful moments as we get older. Many of us are guilty of taking for granted every moment we have with our kids, parents, and loved ones as if every day is promised to us and them.

The truth is there is no day but today. God, the higher being, or whatever you choose to believe in, has a master plan for us that none of us know about. One day you could be sitting with your friends and family and the next day you could be holding their hand as they pass into their next life (passing into their next life, is a belief that some eastern cultures have).

I share these words with you as a simple reminder to live in the moment and truly cherish every second of your life with your family, friends, and yourself. No day is guaranteed, waking up each moment is not promised to us, and no life moment or experience can ever be replicated exactly the same way.

I write this in honor of my mother who passed away last week and my father who passed a few years back. When I was a child I always thought we would grow old together and they would play with my children, see me off at my wedding, etc. I never imagined both parents would be gone in my early 30's. Although I accept what is and understand this part of life is inevitable, I do miss them terribly and would give anything for just one last moment together.

Take a moment to reassess yourself and your life. Ask yourself "Am I truly living in the present and cherishing each moment I have?"

“Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.” ― Jack Layton


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