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Happy You Time Part 2

Often times we convince ourselves that self love is selfish and something that should be put last or on the back burner! We all do it including myself at times. It’s important for us to remember that when we feel great and at our best, everyone else feels great as well. You and I are able to truly love others only when we truly love ourselves. I always tell my clients, “Fall in love with yourself first!” You will be a much happier person contributing to the world.

Easier said then done right? With so much happening work, family, this, that…how do we make time to love ourselves?! It can be done and I’m going to share with you how.

Here are a few exercises I do with my clients that will help you make time for yourself thus developing your inner love!

3 Top Tips to Incorporating I Love Me Time!

  1. First and foremost you need to create a weekly calendar of everything your week entails. Your work schedule, play dates, meetings, everything! In you calendar you need to go through and insert I love me time! This should not be negotiated and should be seen as a meeting. When people ask for something during this time you can simply say, “I apologize I have a meeting at this time.” Ideally you want to get about 10 hours a week of me time. Two solid hours a day is great where you get to do things just for you! Some ideas are working out, yoga, meditation, feeding your brain, pampering yourself, and doing things that make you incredibly happy!

  2. Practice the art of saying, “I apologize at this time I am not available.” You and I both know that women are nurturers. Naturally we want to please everyone and say no to no one! this is one of the reasons we never have time for ourselves. We are too busy taking care of everyone else. We fill every bucket with water and before we know it we are completely dehydrated. I challenge you to start kindly declining others so you can make more time for yourself. You know yourself best so decide what’s important to take on and what can be passed on to someone else. You don’t always have to save the day!

  3. Let the people close to you know that your me time is a necessity. Allowing them in on your needs will help them keep you accountable. Before you know it your kids, husband, and friends will start saying, “Did you have me time today?” Just like people ask,”Did you workout today?” In addition you will be teaching your family and friends how important it is to love yourself. What a great thing to pass on to our sons and daughters!

I hope you enjoy these simple steps and start implementing them today. If you need an extra push email me and we can set-up a transformational chat!

If you treat yourself poorly you open the door for others to do the same! Lead by example.

Nada Lena


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