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There's Plenty of Room For You!

I am so excited for next week as the California Women's Conference is finally here! It's two days of inspiration with thousands of women in attendance. Now I know that you may or may not be thinking, "Why is she promoting another women's conference when Rise Up For You does their own?" "Isn't this competition?" I hear this all the time! The truth is there is plenty of room for all of us including you! The work space regardless of what field it is, can accommodate all of us incredible women. Supporting other women and women organizations poses no threat to Rise Up For You and our mission, it only makes it stronger. So I ask you, "Are you walking around with this scarcity mentality?" I challenge you to think about this as I myself have been turned down by women who did not want to work with Rise Up For You for fear that we would be competing with them. We lose out on incredible connections, opportunities, and support when we choose to turn away from the community of women that are wanting to make a change just like you and I. Live and love in abundance as their is never to much knowledge and greatness to go around in the world! We are all small fish swimming in a vast ocean of opportunity. I challenge you to share the wave with others as it will pay you back in a number of life changing ways that money can never touch! Let's work together to diminish the competitive edge against other women and their work and instead choose to lead with love and support. Being catty, cold, and gossipy towards other women is no longer cool (I don't think it ever was)! Join me and together as a community let's work side by side to spread this empowering message! One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world! Anonymous


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