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Quality of Life VS Quantity

As we head into this new season big spending is sure to happen for everyone as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all on their way! It’s during this time that I’m reminded most how important the quality of my life is versus the quantity.

Years ago I found myself buying a bunch of expensive things, that I didn’t have the time to enjoy, to impress the acquaintances that came and went in my life. Interesting how we do that right? Well, it wasn’t shortly after that, that I lost everything within a matter of weeks! And when I say everything I mean everything that I thought was important at the time. I went from a corporate executive with a house on the lake, a brand new luxury car, furniture, clothes, and accessories galore to no job, no money, no car, no house, and only three bags of luggage. Long story short I up routed my whole life to a different country and lost the gamble within weeks. I found myself back home with nothing (I’ll save the details of this story for another day).

However, my perception of “having nothing” lasted only for a short period of time! That experience humbled me out quick and made me realize that I was still the luckiest girl in the world! I had an amazing family, a capable mind, my health, and an incredible tribe of people around me. The quantity of what I had diminished but the quality of my life was rich!

I share this story only to remind you that the quality of your life is where the riches lie. The time you spend with your family, the laughs you enjoy with friends, the morning hikes outside that create a clarity within, the glass of wine you share with your girlfriends, and the list goes on! These are the memories that stick in your brain and create an imprint in your heart.

It’s the intangible things in life that create joy, love, and everlasting happiness. Ask yourself what is the most important to you? The quality of life or the quantity of things?

“Quality of life depends on quality and quantity of happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha


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