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Accomplish Your Goals- 3 Easy Tips!

As you know setting goals can be incredibly difficult. It's interesting because half of my friends and family love preparing goals and the other half dread it because they never accomplish what they set for themselves! Which one are you? Do you feel like you let yourself down every year or do you accomplish your goals with ease?

I have to admit, sometimes I fall short of my goals. However, throughout the years and working on the development of Rise Up For You and NLN Productions, I have discovered three tips that have really helped me stay on top of things. I'd love to share them with you so that you to can accomplish goals!

1. Make it known to the world! Now and days with social media at our fingertips we have the ability to make the online network our accountability partners. Whatever you decide you want to accomplish for 2017, blast it on social media and let others know so they can help you. This works great because once it's out there for others to see you really have no choice but to live up to what you said!

2. Find an In Person Accountability Buddy When we miss or fall short of our goals, it's not because we don't have what it takes but because we lose sight of our vision or lose motivation. Having an accountability buddy that you can meet with or talk to on a weekly basis can help you stay consistent in your goals and maintain your drive. For example: If you have health goals, workout or buy groceries together.

3. Reassess Your Goals Weekly Things happen daily that may or may not prevent you from hitting your benchmarks. Examining your progress weekly and realigning your goals is crucial to your success. Some weeks you may not be as progressive as others. Keep track, re-examine, and allow yourself some wiggle room as you move closer to achieving your goals!

Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you're interested in fully living life in the year to come. Melody Beattie


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