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How Are You Showing Up?

In the performing world we say that, “ You are always in the limelight both on and off the stage!” This means that someone is always watching you and the actions you take. Furthermore, the crowds reaction is based off of your performance on stage! As a performer you have the power to affect the audience in a number of ways. The same goes true for us as individuals on a daily basis.

How we show up on stage aka “life,” determines how people respond and receive us. We are walking around every day sending out various messages to people through our energy, verbiage, and actions. However, more than often our messages are not representative of how we feel.

We are walking around like a freeway billboard flashing messages to the people around us. It’s time for us to now realize that everything that happens to us; the reactions we receive, how people treat us, what we get in life, is a direct result of what we are putting out there and how we are showing up in life!

I know this is a hard pill to swallow but it is a truth that must come to the forefront. What we put out in the world is what we get back as we tell people how to treat us in many indirect forms. If people are intimidated by you, then ask yourself why. If drama is constantly surrounding you, than take a look at why it’s always around you? Situations and experiences happen to us because we put ourselves in them. Now we may not realize the outcome but we took certain steps to get us from point A to point B. Again this is a hard pill to swallow but if you want change to occur around you, maybe you need to take a look at the messages you are sending out.


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