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We All Have Moments of Doubt!

I woke up in a deep sweat the other night panicking about a huge project coming up for Rise Up For You. Instantly my mind went to a place of doubt, “Holy crap what have I done?” “Am I going to be able to make this work?” ” What if the project fails?” “There is a lot at risk and it’s an incredibly bold move, did I do the right thing?” All of these huge thoughts of self doubt came into my mind and created and overwhelming feeling of stress and fear. It took me a few minutes before I could stop my thoughts and talk myself back down to a place of peace and happy talk.

I have taken a huge risk in my career and am scared to death! However, I am not going to let it get in my way. I’m going to continue to push forward and see my vision all the way thru.

I share this story because I want to remind you that everyone has feelings of doubt and fear from time to time. You are not alone and even the best of the best go through times of questioning and self doubt. As a confidence and career coach I even have them occasionally as shared above.

Self doubt never fully goes away however, the question I ask you is, “Are you allowing it to get in your way and sabotage you?” This is the part we want to prevent from creeping into our lives. Fear will come, self doubt will pop up, but are you allowing it to stop you?

Yes I had a stressful, restless night of worry. But no I will not stop going after my vision and goal! I will continue to push through and give everything I have to make this future project a success.

Remember this story today as you take your next step forward. It’s ok to feel scared but I encourage you to use your fear to move forward. Acknowledge your feelings, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you do have what it takes.

True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful. Paul Sweeney


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