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Founder of

Rise Up For You

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Motivational Speaker

Nada is an empowering and captivating speaker on many topics including self-empowerment, leadership, and education. 


Former Professor and Administrator

On-Stage Performance Coach

Nada has toured to over 20 countries as a main stage singer and performer. 

Here's What Others Are Saying!

Nada is leading a generation of people from all walks of the world and life to be connected to the truth of their spirit and soul.

Emil Chamie

Business Development Manager at the ONE Group

Nada is one of the most talented, genuine, and honest humans I have ever had the chance to know and work with.   Truly humbling to know how strong of a woman Nada. Thank you for all that you do. We need more people like you.

Linda El Awar

Former Google Manager

Nada is the epitome of positive leadership. I have witnessed first-hand how she faces difficult situations, consults those around her when necessary, and makes informed decisions that benefit everyone. 

Nada is a testament that your successes rest upon your personal perspectives. Her authenticity and vulnerability to sharing her life experiences that allowed her to rise from the ashes is truly inspiring.  Whether you’re hearing her as a keynote speaker or sitting in a one on one session you’re going to be changed for the better with your interactions with her! 

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